Twillingate was built on the Cod industry. Fishing here has always been a way of life. It is said that the first European settlers in the 17th century could “fish with a bucket”. Those times are gone, but now we have a thriving recreational fishery each and every summer. Trust me, there’s nothing like eating a meal you pulled out of our cold blue waters yourself just hours before.


Unspoiled hiking and walking trails, towering Icebergs, frolicking whales. Throw in an abundance of concerts, shows and and theatre and you’ll see where the fun comes in. You’ll spend all your time smiling and wonder why you didn’t join us sooner. We guarantee it!


When a waitress half your age calls you “My love” or “Me Ducky” it may take a moment to process. Same for the stranger who offers to take you fishing, or the vacation home neighbour who insists on having you over for a “Cuppa Tea”. Newfoundlanders are a friendly people and the friendliness of Twillingate people in particular is unparalleled. Once you settle in, you will never want to leave.

The Festival

Every July Since 1980

The charming oceanside town of Twillingate is known worldwide for its food, entertainment, scenery, activities and most importantly – its people. Every summer during July we throw our doors open to the world and invite them to join us for the Fish Fun and Folk Festival. We hope you’ll be joining us this year, and we guarantee you’ll have one of the best weeks of your life!

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Sight, Sound & Taste!

Fish, Fun & Folk – it’s all here

The festival’s celebrations start with a parade through town followed by traditional Newfoundland music, fireworks, adult dances, a street dance, bonfire, a craft fair, games, a variety of fish meals, special church services, a children’s show and much more.

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Join us in 2018 this year for the 38th annual Fish, Fun & Folk Festival! Held during the last full weekend in July at Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada, it is one of the largest and longest running folk festivals in the Province of Newfoundland. The Festival is proud of its now world-wide recognition and success as a family-oriented Festival celebrating the culture of Newfoundland.